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Child Support

Child Support

Child support is the obligation of one parent to help the other parent meet the financial expenses of the child. In Arizona, a court determines which parent must make child support payments, the amount of the payment and how often these payments must be made. In determining the amount of child support to be paid or received, the Court considers many factors including:

  • Each parent’s income;
  • Parenting time with the child/children;
  • Cost of Daycare;
  • Cost of health insurance;
  • Special needs of a child.

If you choose to meet with an attorney at The Law Offices of David D. White, an estimation of the child support obligation will be calculated and the worksheet will be provided for your records. A child support calculator and other information regarding child support is available at

Child Support Modification

Child support modification is the process by which the amount of child support can be altered. In Arizona, child support modifications can only be made by a court, but if the parents can come to an agreement on the changes, then the court may grant its approval.

Typically, child support modifications may become necessary if one of the parents has had a change in job or income, or if there is an increase in daycare expenses, fees for extra curricular activities, health insurance costs, etc. There may be other situations that require a modification of child support. For instance, when there is more than one child covered under child support, and one of them reaches the age of majority (or the age of 19, beyond which child support is not mandated), then the amount of child support can be changed to reflect the new situation. If a child is severely disabled and unable to live independently, child support may be ordered beyond the age of majority in order to meet that child’s needs. Arizona child support is addressed in Arizona Revised Statute §25-320

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